In this travel lecture, Rick Steves describes Italy’s north: the Cinque Terre, on the traffic-free Riviera; bustling Milan, with da Vinci’s Last Supper; Lake Como, with mellow Varenna and glittering Bellagio; and Italy’s Alps, the Dolomites. Visit for more European travel information.


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  1. if i have 14 days to explore italy, from north to south, what are the best places/towns to visit? do u think it is possible for me to visit the places rick steves mention through this playlist? (the playlist in Italy Travel Skills)

  2. I love Northern Italy. The drive from Verona to Innsbruck is incredible: Castles perched high above the cliffs; more than 100 miles of vineyards along the highways; fairytale looking villages dotted around the Alpine mountains…….

  3. I'm Swiss from Ticino and I have visited Italy many times from north to south. I agree with you for the Cinque Terre. I've spend many days there. But you can't compare Milano to Firenze, Roma or Napoli. The south of Italy is wonderful and personally I like the region of Puglia. I think that in the south of Italy you can find the finest spots of Italy and the greatest traditions. And the most delicious food, too

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