A lakeside log cabin in Finland

Villa Maria is a family-sized vacation cabin on a small lake 40 km west of Helsinki, Finland. Though modern in design, the cabin was built using traditional methods. Each of the large-diameter logs was scribed and coped to fit the one below, and they are joined by hand-cut Scandinavian saddle notches at the corners. The […]

The Piedmont Cottage, A Tiny Backyard Cottage In Portland

The Piedmont Cottage sits in an older neighborhood of North Portland, Oregon. It is a small backyard cottage currently being used as a vacation rental unit. This cottage likely started out life as a single-car garage. Besides the overall size and proportions of the building, the large glazed opening in the narrow end is a […]

Uniqueness: A Storybook Cob Cottag

Cob is an age-old method of building that can be used to create very unique organically-shaped structures. This particular example, called the Cob Cottage, is situated on Mayne Island, a quiet and laid-back locale in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia. It was reportedly the first cob house in Canada to go through the building […]


Set in open countryside, this recently refurbished stone house is within two and a half miles of Porth Oer, a crescent-shaped beach owned by the National Trust, popularly known as ‘Whistling Sands’ because of the squeak or whistling sound the sand makes underfoot. The beach at Aberdaron, a picturesque former fishing village at the western […]

Pye’s Beach House Standard Creative

Ten years ago Friday, Hurricane Katrina made landfall in Mississippi, its record-breaking 28′ (8.5 m) storm surge virtually obliterating the small coastal town of Waveland. Pye Parson and her family had evacuated in advance, along with most of the town’s residents. When they returned, the town looked like it had been bombed. All that remained […]

10 Richest Neighborhoods In Jamaica | Mavado Feature

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Beautiful An Old Stone Tower Becomes A Small House In Hvar, Croatia

In 1761, a group of Franciscans built a windmill on a hill overlooking the port on the island of Hvar in the Adriatic Sea. The passage of time took a toll on the structure through, and a couple hundred years later the local residents were calling it the Ruina di Molino a Vento. The ruins […]

First Family Holiday with TWO KIDS! | The Mumbles, Swansea, Wales – April 2017

Some clips from our first family holiday with two kids! We went to The Mumbles in Wales. I’m afraid I didn’t video much due to a case of conjunctivitis (damn it!) but did get us at the beach in Langland Bay. Not edited or added music as this is more for our family memories – […]