Do British people make more money than Americans? What is the average vacation time an American gets compared to a Brit? In this episode of The Infographics Show lets compare: The Average American vs. The Average Brit. ⭐SUBSCRIBE: ⭐

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  1. Okay, university in the US may be cheaper, but we’re not left in crippling debt after we leave. We only have to pay unless our income is in a certain bracket. In the US, a woman faked her death to stop paying her debt! 🤷🏻‍♀️

  2. 1. I am British and I have never heard the term scotch irish?
    2. Americans get no paid leave? that alone makes it a worse place to live.
    3. American houses are bigger? American houses are made of ply wood and there is much more land in America.
    4. Americans have more cars? There are x5 more people in America and more need for cars due to the amount of remote areas.

  3. Average income is a terrible way to measure income There are hundreds of billionaires skewing that number. The MEDIAN American income is only $31,099 (as of 2016).

  4. Houses are smaller in the UK because there is less land to build on, which, in turn, increases the value of available land. Construction firms and local government will therefore, make homes smaller to fit as many as they can into a small, more affordable piece of land, yet the buyer still pays a fortune. It’s all to do with supply and demand. Some of the older British homes are a lot bigger than their modern contenders

  5. I’m British well 70% according to my 🧬 DNA .
    I fear guns so I’d rather live in Uk 🇬🇧.
    Would love bigger houses though .
    I get confused how to spell sometimes as the Americans spelling seems to dominate my iPhone 📱.

  6. If you are going to pay over 55000 for a Uni education in UK, how is that justifiable? Americans usually dont like owing on a loan for over 15 years of their life because it obviously gets in the way of paying for other services that enhance quality of life. Just curious if anyone paid that much or more, why are these fees set that high?

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