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I find free camping in the Ocala National Forest in Florida.

GPS coordinates: Little Lake Bryant Dispersed camping: GPS: 29.143316, -81.897411

Florida Water District free camping by permit:
Northwest Water District website:

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Cell Phone shots: Samsung Galaxy S7
Drone: DJI Phantom 3 Standard (Special Thank You to “A”)
Main Video Camera: Sony Handycam FDR-AX33

ACTION CAMERA: SJ4000 use promo code: Carolyn for 10% discount

Video Editing Software: Corel VideoStudio X9:

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  1. Hi Carolyn. I Love your videos. I live here in Florida. Delray Beach. Florida is Great, But this time of year is a little hot and sticky.  * The East coast along the Atlantic ocean is cooler than the middle where you are or the gulf side. I would HIGHLY recommend driving the overseas highway to Key west.  It's about 4 hrs. south of where you are.  My RV trip which will start in February is going to go from Key West threw as many national parks as I can Up to Fairbanks Alaska, Then down to Costa Rica & Panama. Please keep making your Great Videos. Say Hi to Capone. 🙂  Ian

  2. Carolyn, I have done a lot of camping for 50 years. I have found that most states have info on state and federal land within their borders. You will often find it if you google "hunting regulations" and then do a search for camping. Most southeastern states have WMAs, (wildlife management areas) and federal land, (national forests). National forest info will be in a different place than WMA info is online. Some WMAs are in a national forest. Am I making any since…

    This is the WMA site for Florida. Like many government sites it is not as user friendly as it could be. I live in Georgia but visit Florida sometimes. I have camped at free sites in Georgia but not Florida. I read some of this and I think…I said think… some sites are 14 days, some shorter, some need a permit, some do not. You and your viewers need to check it out.

    Keep doing great videos!

  3. I used to live in Florida and work at a restaurant on the Weekie Wachee river. Season was November to March. Then the snowbirds went home. Summer in Florida is HUMID AND HOT. I wouldn't chose to vacation there unless it was winter season.

  4. As a Florida "resident", I can't wait to see what you find! Also scares the heck out of me to see Capone in any fresh water down here. Yes, some people, and dogs take their chances in the water, I would never do it with my dog, of course the skeeter's could kill ya down here too. lol

  5. I will say this again. Please keep your precious dog out of the water. Gators will attack any time of day or night! It is not worth taking chances like that. So please listen to your viewers. Also there is bad bacteria in most bodies of water in warmer weather. Do not know if I can stand watching your videos anymore if you continue to allow him to go in that dam water!😧

  6. I am a full time young RVer and I stayed here! Loved it:) boon docked with my solar powered RV. Really loved it here. The heat and humidity makes its almost unbearable:( I am wanting to go elsewhere

  7. Please watch your dog they (gators) are very quiet and can stay under water. They can take down a cow! I have lived in Florida for 35 years. Moved west now but, Be safe around ANY kind of water SMALL pond or LARGE lake they ARE there! Stay safe I enjoy you trips and adventures!

  8. Well you made it to my area! I was always told as a single woman on the road to avoid Ocala NF because of the Rainbow people. I have run into some individuals looking for money at gas stations close to the forest as well as many at the East Wind Community in Missouri. Good to hear that the forest is trying to clean up it's reputation, apparently they have wreaked havoc. I am getting a camper soon and looking forward to traveling out of the State of Florida, even as a local resident I don't feel safe camping here. I will be watching for updates on your experiances. Be safe and I hope all your encounters are friendlies!

  9. I'm having that too much people too much "noise" and I'm starting to have panic attacks again but I am stuck without a vehicle and praying that I don't lose what little bit of my mind that I have left lol

  10. I am taking a trip to Pentlon Oregon down through the redwoods in California. I want to do some camping to cheap out on motels. Was wondering if you could give me some advice to find the blm land, forests. Thought you might know the area been a while since you been over there. I know you mentioned it in a video trying to be lazy Any direction i should look would be appreciated.

  11. Just remember that this person in the White House has this Theme to. "Make America Great Again". That type of greatness will create more poor and homeless that we will be told to ignore. This is not the land of milk and honey and never will be unless we finally get off our asses and vote all out of office from the generation of Hate. We must rise in protest of these laws that have put 10% of the ENTIRE POPULATION of this country behind bars (this is a fact) for mostly drug use and put another 10% on the streets who are broke or suffer from mental illness. This is NOT a great country any longer. We waste more money than it would take to feed the people and not one of our politicians is worth a damn.

  12. Rainbow family—– real Rainbow family packs in and packs out. Leave it better than you left it. Drainbos do not. The object is to live at home in the fores and be part of nature. Leave no Trace if possible. Rainbow way. Ended up at a Rainbo gathering and for every Rainbo there were at least 4 or 5 law enforcement guys and gals with dogs and trucks and accoutrements of law enforcement. From all over the country and every sort of division of law and order. They were stomping through the woods killing plants and scaring little children by jumping out of the dark at them. Hundreds of flashlights loud raucous talking and general hilarity. I talked to at least 20 of them and only found about 10 Rainbo family. The police, military police, local police, Rangers were excessive to say the least. Several told me they were sent to use the Rainbow family to learn crowd control stealth etc. They were not very stealthy. Especially when the helicopters flew closely overhead and shined spotlights on sleeping campers. It was just wierd. I would avoid any in Florida.

  13. As a native Floridian (now transplanted in NC) I love seeing your videos of Florida. But I too must share the warnings, as I lived most of my life on the water in FL, and have seen gators quickly attack dogs from "out of nowhere". They LOVE dogs…and I've seen them climb over fences to go after them. Other than that, read up on the poisonous snakes & how to recognize and avoid them, and you'll be just fine. Oh, and good bug spray and sunscreen are a must. Florida's wilderness is some of this county's prettiest. Be safe, be happy and be kind!

  14. There is a Giant Live Oak in my back yard. Bought the house because of it. You'd love it. 😁
    There are no rangers because they are in the regular campgrounds, not in the woods. Lots of springs to swim in near you, (no gators in springs)

  15. I've been a Florida resident all my life, and was looking for free campsites and came upon this video, and it just blew my mind to watch this young lady let her dog swim in that lake, I was seriously terrified for that dog, and by me being a life long Floridian, we've had northerners come here thinking our lakes and ponds are like the ones up north, they're not, we now have pythons lurking in them, that can take out certain sizes gators, and you can only imagine what they'll do to a dog or human, and I can't even count how many kids and adults that were attacked or killed by gators here, because of their little knowledge of our wildlife, but anyway that's one of the luckiest dogs in the WORLD, to ever come out of a Florida lake unscathed, please be careful around our lakes young lady, it's for your safety and your dog's safety, God bless👍

  16. Im very curious about these " free" rv lots if anybody can tell me about them.
    Ok so no more then 14 days, and is there like a register thing? If so how and what do you do? And the 14 day thing does that mean you can visit 1 then move to another? Thank you 🙂

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