Come join us as we snack on Welsh Cakes in this taste test from our rental apartment in Cardiff, Wales. After being lured into Fabulous Welsh Cakes by a free sample we decided to buy all of our Welsh Cakes from this shop in downtown Cardiff.

Fresh from the griddle they make home-made traditional Welsh cakes and variety of different flavors that change by the day. We picked up all that they were offering and then grabbed a scone from the closest grocery store.

Welshcakes combined with afternoon tea and a bit of jam (unfortunately no clotted cream) made for the perfect snack before dinner and we had no problem finishing them all off.

Welsh cakes (Welsh: picau ar y maen, pice bach, cacen gri or teisen radell) originate from Wales and have been devoured since the 19th Century. In terms of ingredients, traditional welshcakes are made with flour, butter (or lard), milk, eggs, currants, spices, nutmeg and cinnamon.

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Welsh Cakes Taste Test in Cardiff, Wales travel food video transcript:

Hello and welcome to our cozy little AirBNB here in Cardiff, Wales.

Since we are traveling in Wales we figured we should introduce you guys to Welsh Cakes (picau ar y maen). And these little baked goodies are really really tasty. The other day our AirBNB host came knocking on our door and he was like here guys I brought you some Welshcakes (pice bach) and we were like awesome.

And they did not last long let me tell you. They did not. It was like a little pack of six or eight and we devoured those right away. I think we finished them within less than 6 hours.

I think it was a matter of minutes to be honest. I just gobbled mine up with tea. Um but yeah today we were walking around town and we walked past that was handing out samples and I was like ooh. Those look good. Yeah, wasn’t it called Fabulous. Fabulous Welsh Cakes. We tried some of their samples and they were so tasty that we walked right in on the spot and bought a whole bunch. And they’re right across from the Castle outside of the arcade.
The store is located in the Castle Arcade. Right and they sell these, you can buy a little box, or you can pick them out individually for 50 pence. Yeah, so we got 3 different kinds. They had traditional, they had white chocolate and vanilla and they had almond so that is what we’ll be sampling. Something to keep in mind that they told me when I was paying is that uh everyday they have the original one. On the other days they switch up the special ones. The flavors change so I imagine on some days they have like chocolate chip.

Welsh Cakes (cacen gri) can be made with flour, butter or lard, currants, eggs, milk and spices such as cinnamon or nutmeg. And sometimes instead of the currants you can actually get raisins. Those are the main ingredients. In the past, I would have said scones were number 1 but having tried freshly made Welsh Cakes (teisen radell) I’m addicted to these at the moment.

And something that I want to point out too is that you can get them from a specialty shop like we did or you can also just find them in convenience stores or grocery stores. Just look for where there is a bread section. You will find them in there in packages. Track down Fabulous Welshcakes and maybe go like several days in a row to try their different flavors and see which ones you like best.

These Welsh Cakes just make a fabulous snack. You could turn them into a meal. You could have them anytime of day. I have a feeling the best time to try them would be on a cold rainy day with hot tea.

They pretty much makes the perfect snack of little meal here in Wales. If you’re traveling in Wales definitely try the Welsh Cakes. We’re going to sign off here from Cardiff, Wales. I am ending this off with my triple licorice tea.

This is part of our Travel in Wales video series showcasing Welsh food, Welsh culture and Welsh cuisine.

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Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 (song – quirky dog)


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  1. We went to Wales a couple of years ago LOVED the welsh cakes! Only thing that disappointed me were the "cockles" I was so excited to try, but they were VERY sandy" 😝. Perhaps they just sold the "bad" ones to the tourists ? πŸ€”πŸ˜‚

  2. Hi guys, my wife and I have only just discovered your channel since I saw your video from my favourite place, Nepal. Really enjoying all your videos from Melbourne, Australia. Keep up the great work!

  3. Should try them from the market in Cardiff, they do loads of different welsh cakes as well as other cakes. Cater for everyone as well. One of the many reasons why I love being Welsh, Welsh cakes are just amazing x

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