In this slideshow lecture, Cameron Hewitt provides practical tips for traveling in Iceland, including an overview of the country’s culture and history, advice on sleeping and eating, saving money in this very expensive destination, and recommended itineraries for a trip from Iceland — from 24 hours to 2 weeks. Visit for more European travel information.

Iceland with Cameron Hewitt (full-length):

You can also watch this same talk one chapter at a time:

Travel Skills:
Reykjavík Day Trips:
Iceland’s Ring Road:

Recorded on March 17, 2018 • Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Center

Written, Presented, and Produced by Cameron Hewitt
Filmed and Edited by Zen Wolfang • Second Camera by Ariana David
Graphics by Heather Locke and Rhonda Pelikan
Photography by Cameron Hewitt, Ian Watson, Dave Hoerlein, Trish Feaster, and others

© 2018 Rick Steves’ Europe, Inc.


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