Queen Is furious with Camilla Parker-Bowles For Her Luxury Yacht Trip

Camilla Parker-Bowles, the Duchess of Cornwall, was recently spotted frolicking on a yacht without a care in the world, and also without Prince Charles. She was seen stepping on-board a luxury yacht looking bronzed, well-relaxed and chatting with friends.
As the Duchess of Cornwall sunned herself dressed in colourful swimsuits after jetting to the Italian island, the question that sprung up in everyone’s mind was, “Why wasn’t Charles with her?”

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  1. that is an ugly chick! i mean, she so ugly…it makes your blood curdle to look at her. even after plastic surgery, that is an ugly chick! charles isn't anything to look at, obviously. he looks like, someone in the royal family knows someone in the royal family–too much inter-breeding.

  2. Camilla's poor standing in the public eye is because of her immoral behaviour over her adult life. If she had stayed out of the marriage between Charles and Diana and had had no part in the destruction of it, then maybe the public would look upon her kindly, but they don't and never will. She is and always be a usurper, she took what was not hers to take and she will be held accountable. The VILE CAMILLA WHORE — who has been widely reported as often appearing somewhat ‘worn out’ has a highly promiscuous history (syphilis as a teenager, free with numerous sexual favours to a plethora of men for money, heavy smoking alcoholic etc.) have done her no favours whatsoever in the ‘looks’ or longevity stakes. Four years ago slut Camilla also had more serious ‘health issues’ resulting in a radical hysterectomy (STD’s/cancer?) that took months to recover from. She also broke her leg badly (such a pity it was not her vile scraggy diseased neck!) Furthermore, the Shand family are certainly NOT “well respected” or aristocracy; people must be deluded and have low moral standards if they think that for one moment. Bruce Shand was only a war substantive major and “not considered suitable for promotion after the war” then had a plethora of failed business ventures and actually went BANKRUPT! The worthless drunken brother was a fraudster and Camilla’s mother, trollop Rosalind Cubitt was from a family of FILTHY COMMON Syphilitic WHORES and the disgusting vile STD riddled evil slut Camilla clearly followed in the family tradition as a “BUCKINGHAM PALACE BIKE”!


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