The ancient city of Troy is not a myth, it’s real and we visited the ruins it in this episode. In addition we visite the museum dedicated to the history of this amazing place. Finally, we visited the actual horse from the movie Troy (2004) in Canakkale, Turkey

Our travels in Turkey will take us near and far, city and village, we are in love with Turkey and the vlogs are definitely showing it.

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1. Ancient City of Troy – https://whc.unesco.org/en/list/849
2. Troy Museum – http://www.troya2018.com/en/museum-of-troy/


1. BreakingHearts – Mindme feat. Amaranthine – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKf7OVQCN2M
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  1. Did you know that the Ancient City of Troy was a real place that you could visit? So many people we spoke to while there were blown away that it was more than a story book location. If you like this video, please give it a thumbs up!

  2. Fun video. Jessica did you survive
    after being killed. After Largo
    tried to finish you off. Glad you
    are still around with us. Will
    no doubts protects you.

  3. Woow ,again a nice episode and many informations and the new Museum was very nice ….;) What the people dont now is many about Turkey and his treasures … a) St Nicolaus was born in "Patara" ( South Turkey) and was a Bishop in "Myra" where is his Tomb …
    b) 2 of 7 wonders from the anciet world 1. The Mausoleum from Halikarnassos ( Bodrum) 2. Artemis Temple ( Ephesus) was in Turkey
    c) Grave of Apostel Johannes and House of Virgin Mary is in Turkey Ephesus
    d) Birth Place from Apostel Paulus was in "Tarsus" Turkey…
    and many many Important Places in the History are actually in Turkey and they are very Important in the History ..
    wish you and your family a great trip and much Fun

  4. What a great video! Such an experience to see the original walls of Troy… Wow! Are you heading through Bulgaria? I'm wondering because there is a chance my partner's work may take us there for a year or so… I'm just beginning my research. 🙂

  5. Our initial thought when we went on our tour of Turkey (for real)…'Whaaaaat? Who knew Troy was in Turkey?" To be up close (and can touch) history like this was just unreal.

  6. The four of you are really having way too much fun. You seem like you are always on a fun school trip. Also, Avalon and Largo are actually teachers not just students.
    All four World Towners, thank you for not just teaching and educating us, but also entertaining us, which makes learning more fun.
    Thank you and keep on learning and having fun.

  7. Hi guys! I've recently met in Moldova. I know you are going to Ukraine soon. Please let me know if you need any assistance and what are you interesting to see. Hope to see you soon! You have my cell phone #. Have a safe trip!

  8. How many teenagers Avalon's age have even heard the word oxymoron, let alone know what it means. The school she attends must be above average, your doing it right. Keep up the good work and all of us in YouTube land just might learn something also.

  9. I discovered your channel today. Im turkish but born in germany. It makes me rlly happy to see you in turkey. Such a nice family. I would recommend to make a tour on turkeys mediterranean coastline starting from canakkale and ending in antalya. On the way u will see a lot of ancient sights and beautiful beaches. If you want to experience something different you should visit the mountainous blacksea region.
    I wish you had a great time and hope you‘ll have even a better time.

  10. yes yes more JESS is always a plus, the crazy pink jumping lady ha ha ha ha ha
    Great introduction for Avalon and Largo…. Great hosssssstsssss
    and the filming guy…. Will

    Thanks for sharing the experience (be careful with the Mavic)

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