In this series were going to give you the best tips on how to travel Iceland in a campervan and we’ll be totting up how much it really costs to travel.
After meeting back up with Mr. B OF COURE we picked up our Cozy Camper! The BEST in the business – we’d never do it without one!
We hit the road and headed for the amazing hot river valley of Reykjadalur.
Did someone say (unwelcome) hike?!

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  1. Awww, two of my favorite YT people in my most loved country using the best way to travel. ❤️
    If you ever get the chance, go to Iceland Airwaves, the music festival they do every november. It's so, so good. Such good music, such lovely people from all over the world, so much fun.
    Speaking of music: Your music choice is perfect, again 😀
    PS: Bonus, I have been in exact the same one. They sell those liquorice powdered dates. I'm drooling.

  2. I'm working on breaking in my hiking boots before I tackle some of the local trails here in Montana. I'm just wearing them around town to do errands.

    LOVE the intro, y'all are a riot. (I am the opposite of Aimee with hiking, I love me a good walk 😄)

  3. Just fyi Craig. Please dont put your head underwater in a hot spring. And that because of the danger of getting the brain eating amoebas. I'm surprised they didnt have signs posted. Hope your lucky this time.

  4. I love Iceland! I would like to come back one day. Do you know I discovered you by preparing my trip to Iceland? That's how I got hooked! So, this Iceland series brings up beautiful memories for several reasons. Can't wait for the next vlog!!!

  5. Looking forward to your new travel adventure however your India rickshaw rip set the entertainment very high. Furthermore with a new van you will not have any mechanical issues which are always good for a few chuckles.

  6. You should name the camper van “Plokkfiskur Skyr Elf” just to stay in tradition with the “Chapati Bandita” 😀

    Whatever happened to your auto rickshaw in India? Surely you didn’t abandon it in a parking lot in Kochi.

  7. If you rent out a Cozy Camper, make sure to take the GRAVEL INSURANCE, as they don't really tell you about it once you get there, and it's not included in the basic coverage. The tiniest damage can cost you around 1500$ US to repair. We found out the hard way.

  8. I’m so excited that you’re back in Iceland!! Our whole family went there in April, for a couple day layover before going to England, we loved and want to go again… this makes me so happy and even more eager to go back!!! We didn’t find it as expensive as we feared.

  9. OMG everything about this vlog was just 😍 hahahaha 'the nature is of its tits' 😂 Craig your voice over had us in stitches!! This seriosuly got us hyped to travel to Iceland 😍😍 not that we even have plans to travel there, but now we feel like we really should! AND doing it in a campervan just seems like the way to! Also the Iceland intro is amazing! You guys always just have the most fun!

  10. Love the intro and the editing is just great. I love when you guys go to Iceland! I went for my honeymoon and it is mindblowing. I want to travel to many places but then I'm like there's Iceland… lol.

  11. I never get bored of your Iceland videos. I am longing to return to Iceland for a 4th time waaahhhh. It will be one country I will never get tired of. You are hitting all the locations I haven't visited yet other than Gullfoss of course 🙂 Excited to watch all the vlogs.

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