If you come to Iceland – you HAVE to do this! One of the best activities – Snowmobiling on a glacier! SO much fun!
We also got SUPER wet at the secret Gljúfrafoss waterfall and popped back to see our old friend Seljalandsfoss. Still as incredible as ever!
Obv we then snoozed in our cozy camper!

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  1. Great video guys. Those waterfalls are awesome!! P.S. I notice that Amy is driving the camper at the end, is it because you are too slow at driving it Craig. Does this mean that if Amy had driven more during the Mongol rally, you would have got there a lot quicker!!!

  2. I say it ones and I’ll say it over and over again it’s the best traveling channel on YouTube many vlogs I watched them several times and every time I watch them I get the feeling of watching them for the very first time 😍😍love you lots and excuse my English it’s not that good but I know your getting my msg 😅😍
    Guys you should visit my country Israel you gonna love it and you can stay by us me and my husband your welcome anytime guys xoxo

  3. That’s a lot of pressure to come up with a new voiceover intro but it’s great! 😂 we camped seljlandfoss two nights and got to watch the northern lights there go nuts two nights in a row. Love that spot! Can’t wait for your next video!

  4. You two find the best stuff to do, it’s true! Five gold stars for you! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️😊 The ending in the van had me cracking up. 😆 Peace! ✌🏼💓

  5. Bear Grills, eat your heart out out! Craig , you are Camel Man! Thanks for a wonderful vid, guys! I didnt know Iceland could be so beautiful! Thought it would be barren boring and full of ice!

  6. The snowmobiling looked fun! I'm sure you guys will be back to Iceland again but if you haven't been yet, highly recommend checking out and camping at Thakgil near Vik. The road there is epic, a 4×4 is nice to have. So magical.

  7. You guys are LEGENDS!!! Watched your whole Mongol Trip and just can't get enough of you two. Aimee you are a gem, Your smile is so contagious, your attitude is uneffin' believable. You are such a great gal. And Craig, good on you mate for all the great editing, keep up the great work guys. Next up, I think you guys should do a month long trip around Portugal and Spain. How bout it????

  8. Tiny houses are adorable an very user friendly..not to many areas you put them up in certain states here in us,but getting to be more an more than used to be..I could definately do one.smaller than my 5 th wheel camper an I could completely live in that with all the. Comforts of my home….beautiful scenery.you two have a wonderful time…going back for out of state surgery.. take care stay safe..love watching you two…Aimee be sure you work with him on keeping them dishes clean!! You've got a good man there,wonderful travel husband…lol

  9. You guys are hilarious! And the themes you make for each series are just so inspired and magnificent! Absolutely the most entertaining travel vlogs out there!! I have been watching since your Mongol rally documentary and following every video since and you got me hooked! I never comment on anything but cheers guys, incredible! – Amanda, Canada

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