Prince Harry was at the launch of his new travel industry partnership where he spoke out about his and Meghan Markle’s occasional use of private jets. “I spend 99% of my life traveling by commercial, occasionally there needs to be an opportunity based on a unique circumstance to ensure that my family are safe,” he said. “And it’s generally as simple as that.” The remarks came after he and Meghan faced backlash for flying private jets on a summer vacation to Ibiza and to stay at Elton John’s villa in France.
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  1. B how old are you and what do your doll children look like you all are the most silly a people on this planet when the hell are you all going to grow up and find a job and get out of your Mama's and grandma's basements and get a life with your jealous self's damn aren't you all tired of talking about the duchess of Sussex yet good Lord. In due season you all will reap bet. That

  2. It's well established that Prince Harry is not the biological son of Prince Charles. His father is James Hewitt, the
    riding instructor to Princess Diana with whom Princess Diana was having an affair.

    So Harry has no biological link to Queen Elizabeth. He has no royal blood.

    Then Harry marries a Kardashian wannabe and trailer park trash who openly shit on President Trump during President Trump's state visit claiming that she was too busy to meet President Trump because she was recovering from childbirth.

    The day after Trump leaves England Queen Elizabeth has the "trooping of the colors". On the balcony is trailer-park-trash-Megan so that she can get in her camera time. I thought she was recovering from childbirth? Clearly she was lying when she snubbed her own president.

    Note that Archie was born on May 6, that's the same birthday as former prime minister Tony Blair, actor George Clooney, baseball player Willie Mays, and the anniversary of the Hindenburg blowing up.

    Why was Archie baptized in a private ceremony? Trailer-park-trash-Megan Markle-Kardashian sponges off the British taxpayer to fund her fake royal lifestyle, as her husband is not of royal blood, but then demands that the
    baptism be private?

    Frankly if you want your baptism of your child to be a private affair I'm going to back you on that one. I think some things should be private. And I can certainly understand that one.

    Here's the point…… They kept the names of the godparents secret. What are they hiding? Are the Obamas involved in this?

  3. The FBI and DOJ. If it's well established fact, then you may want to let Prince Charles and the Queen in on it😂. And since Duchess Meghan never resided in a trailer, or came from a park, you've obviously confused her with someone else. You'll be alright, just sleep it off😉

  4. These young couple are Royalty why shouldn't they ride in a private jet. The President's have always had there own jet for years. Lay off the Royals I'm sure there is more important issues then their airplane rides.

  5. Harry my love u and Megan and baby Archie don't have to explain nothing to nobody there's a lot of haters out there come live in the U.S.A we will b happy to have u here we will welcome u ur people r hating on a wonderful woman

  6. Let these folks bloody fff off there is so much happening in this old jealous hateful world than to write in the world most likable man and his family. Protect your family that is your life.

  7. Really Harry? You bold faced LIAR! your brother and his children will actually rule some day and they can take commercial flights but you and your prostitute and play doll need to take private jets for your safety. Give me a damn break. Every single time you and that whore of yours opens your mouths it gives the world PROOF why neither of you will or ever should rule over anything. Harry can't control his lame wife much less a whole nation. Send them both packing. They do nothing but disgust the whole damn world.

  8. F of PH you said that baby Archie is to Young to travel to Balmoral yet you had him going to Italy 🇮🇹 or France 🇫🇷. Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 is only an hour flight away . No show last year or this year . To young yet the baby is going to S Africa an 11 hour flight away in 3 weeks . Stop the lies . As a taxpayer that funds you stop telling lies . What an excuse baby Archie is to Young to go up to Balmoral in an hour flight . In case any foreigner’s are on it’s been on the news & it’s been laughed at . No doubt someone on here will telling me he is too young to fly up to Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 but is ok to go to S Africa & use Elton John’s jet LMFHO

  9. Ok…read the bottom of this statement on his new travelyst …."the next stage in sustainable travel discussion will not just be about how eco-friendly can your travel be, but also taking intentionally fewer and higher quality trips that satisfy with less ecological impact. "
    If i read this correctly…you pay more money for a trip so you can travel less???? So like he should have only traveled to one destination on his recent trips to help the sustainability of that country he visited?? Hmmm…sounds like his other half is calling all the shots especially with private jets to multiple countries…

  10. It's the holier than thou attitude which is what causes the uproar. You can't legitimately offset carbon emissions as they are released into the environment. Just the rich and famous who think that throwing money at a green charity is the answer. Funny how it's the celebrities who rush to back them, as they are doing the same thing, and your average person in the UK suffers the repercussions of austerity and for the most part, won't have the luxury of ever flying in a higher class than economy, if that!

  11. The way people treat Meghan from the very beginning with Prince Harry until she became a part of Royals those criticism racism and bullying I don't mind how many private jets they gonna use to travel..because of horrible people mostly Piers Morgan who are insane! Jealous!

  12. "Their let them eat cake" attitude regarding their using taxpayer money to pay for eco-emissions for their private jets is telling. Harry there is NO EXCUSE for being a hypocrite. Saying you are paying for your luxury lifestyle so therefore are entitled to use fossil fuels and damage the environment meanwhile preaching Eco-enviornmentalism to the "poor" schlubs to have bills due every month is HYPOCRISY!! Quoting your family's safety is at risk is a cop out and a JOKE! Meanwhile your brother and his entire family who are the heirs to the throne fly commercial. Eyeroll.

  13. Royals have an obligation. This is a role they fill upon birth and when they marry, the bride/groom must hold that position with the utmost respect. They are the face of the monarchy because of Diana, so why would the bride/groom of the royal disrespect their position and think that will have no consequence? I don't know, but I'm certain there is more than meets the eye behind the scenes than we will ever really know. Meghan and Kate were not royalty when they married and it will take time to work out a path for themselves, as Diana herself needed and she had a royal lineage! We saw just how terribly Diana was treated behind the scenes, why do we think anything different is happening with Kate and Meghan? I just think we all need to take a deep breath and consider there is more on the plate for Kate and Meghan than any of us have. Thoughts?

  14. First of all, Meghan is not that pretty..but better looking than prince Harry…He is the one with the good taste…..Second of all, its very clear that she is a Golddigger… didn't work in the US so England is the better choice because, when you look at the woman there, she is very good looking…..Same story in the Netherlands with Queen Maxima….The most beautiful Queen in the world..(and look at the King, he has a much better taste)

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