In May 2018, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding kicked off a new wave of royal fever. Since then, their every move has been ruthlessly picked apart by the press, with several media outlets calling them “hypocrites.” Here are some of the most dramatic examples.

Do Harry and Meghan genuinely care about the environment?

“Eliminate plastics. Conserve water. Protect wildlife and their unique habitats.”

Prince Harry has often talked about how we all need to reduce our carbon footprint, releasing a statement in June 2019 that read in part:

“With nearly 7.7 billion people inhabiting this Earth, every choice, every footprint, every action makes a difference.โ€

So when it was revealed that the royal couple had taken four private flights in just 11 days in August 2019, the press had a field day.

According to the Independent, the Sussexes flew to Nice for a getaway with baby Archie just days after celebrating Markle’s 38th birthday on the island of Ibiza. And they reportedly traveled on private jets for both trips.

According to the Mirror, the Ibiza vacation is estimated to have dumped 12.5 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

While in Nice, the royals reportedly stayed at Sir Elton John’s multi-million dollar hilltop villa.

Meanwhile, several celebrities leapt to the royal couple’s defense.
Watch the video because we finally get why people are calling Harry and Meghan hypocrites.

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All those private flights | 0:16
The extravagant baby shower | 1:51
Markle’s Vogue issue | 3:01
Unrest at Wimbledon | 4:33
AvocadoGate | 5:33


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  1. All rich people are arrogant and a bunch of hypocrites. If they'd want a better world they would give up the extravagant life and help the poor. They have huge incomes so they can afford to help more and live a decent life too. It's easy to preach about helping the poor and the environment while you're sitting on a golden throne, eating caviar and living in a 1000000000$ house. You're not taking anything to the grave, darling.

  2. Even before she met her prince she always did the thing she did even better!! Hypocrites??? Tell the the world wich of the Royal are'nt Hypocrites?? At this moment there're investigation about Prince Andrew love to have young girls the same as Clinton…TRump and any others bobo's. Hope Epstein has a diary so all will came out!!! THAN…THAN WAIT WHO IS BEING HYPOCRITES??!!! HEY SOME PEOPLE WHO DONT LIKE MEGHAN SHALL AND WILL ALWAYS BE AGAINS HER AND HARRY. LUCKY THEY HAVE THEIR OWN LIFE TO EVEN BOTHER ABOUT THIS KIND OF RUBBISH!!! TODAY SHE SHOWED THE WORLD TO BE THERE FOR HER FRIEND SERENA WILLIAMS IN THE USA YES… IN THE USA BUT THAN AGAIN SHE NEVER BOTHER ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE SAID. SHE GET USED TO IT, LOOKING BACK WHAT PEOPLE SAID ABOUT PRINCESS DIANA HEY ITS HER LIFE SHE WILL AND SHALL ALWAYS SURVIVE!!!

  3. Harry will never learn. He needs his family, and not Megan. She will take everything she can get. Poor Harry is Meghan's lap dog. He needs to get a backbone. She reminds me of Jezerbel.TROUBLE.

  4. who is my favorite royal family she is dead. She had been dead for a long was time. Who is dat bloody Mary she is the Queen. I would fall in love with then fear her. Cause I don't have fear even if she tied me up and burn my ass. Still my ass will laugh at my very last breath. Cause my ass will be summon back from the dead. Don't belived in Ghost my ass will make you in the fear of it. Cause I have a big fuckin secret how. I belived in Ghost. Don't belived me disturb a sacred burial ground and stay there. Then you will see my secret like I had. And I ate that like candy on a stick after I saw her creeped the shit out of my peer's not me. I lick that stick like it was my candy on a sick it was a dead nun. Dead nun ghost really can fun with her ghost. Play I am god get lucky with a ghost nun. She saved her self for god when the bitch was alived. Waking up a ghost that was a nun might get lucky. Only if I was not a child Then I would had gotten lucky with a ghost. after all it was a place like that movie problem child but some got buried in the basement. Like really problem child like me will disturbed it. And i sure fuckin did I do it again and again that will never stop.

  5. How about the only people that are backing Megan hollyweird and even the US citizens are disgusted with most of hollyweird. But you don't hear any UK or American citizen being on the side of this particular woman she has created a horrible reputation for herself on top of her past of being and Jeffrey Epstein yacht girl coming up with the New York Soho house with scandals of drugs and sex trafficking. I do not believe she is respect by the majority. And she is a stain on the Royal Family. The Royal Family should be embarrassed and disappointed and removed their titles and the funds that come from the taxpayers these two do not deserve or are entitled to do whatever they want when they are part of a royal family that has protocol and rules and are not to be involved in politics. Megan has consistently involved herself and political bias she has also behave unsavory. I have one question is there a baby? I have had two children people have taken pictures of me from the time that they were first born throughout the years infants even first born 2 4 months old they move and cry and coo not one article not one video not anywhere does this child make a sound no child is that perfect

  6. Privacy Policy

    Copyright ยฉ 2019 Meghanpedia

    By Zanye Linda

    "For many who follow HRH the Duchess of Sussex, it has been clear as day that there is a coordinated smear campaign
    being run by the British Media supported by palace insiders. The attacks began soon after she and her husband Prince Harry completed the Oceania Tour in the
    autumn of 2018. Following the successful tour, there is increased concern among members of the Royal Family, their staff and the media of the growing
    popularity of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex that is eclipsing that of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. So much was the concern that the palace was
    working on a plan to send Harry and Meghan to Africa as revealed by Tim Shipman. It was further revealed in the article that senior figures in the media were siding with the palace and peddling the most negative coverage of the Duchess. '

    "The motivation behind the attack is to undermine the work and personalities of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex presenting them as hypocritical elites who are shunning their Royal duties and do not care for the everyday person in the hope that they will become less popular than the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The other reason is the media wants to create a perception/PR problem for the Royal Family and force the palace to intervene by firing the current communication team for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in favour of consulting or even better hiring someone familiar to the media to give them unfettered access to the most high profile couple within the Royal Family."

  7. People get real and grow up, all the media really running crazy with these headlines..The British people were homeless before Meghan came along…The media is all about making money and people believes everything, what about William and Kate and the rest of the royals. Tired of the British nonsense. Meghan and Harry ignore these idiots and continue enjoying your life you can't please everyone and don't even try, waste of time and energy….

  8. EVERY ACTION MAKES A DIFFERENCE.his words…no one elses.
    You sir are an idiot..a liar since you dont abide by what YOU SAY. A hypocrit of the first order. A parasite on the POOR PEOPLE by taking 2.5 million pounds off POVERTY striken workers in order to have your free house painted!
    You have failed in your royal duties for which you have been paid by the poor to do. That is contract law broken. it also makes you dishonest.

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