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  1. Why does Harry say they dont want to live in a fish bowl at Kensington Palace. You never see hardly anything of the Cambridges children. It's just an excuse to move away from them. Now she's hidden away at Frogmore can't get any quieter there.

  2. everything they say about meghan most of the time stranger out side are pushing influence and bad levity in the royal family alot of stranger are trying to push bad things in the royal family several of name or out there pushing war in the royal family and that s not nice god bless the royal family with peace love joy happiness

  3. This MM CHANNEL is a rewrite of history. Fiction contrived to sound like truth but souns like a soar grapes mentality. Makes me pucker. Think I will wash out my mouth with straight vinegar. Hahahaha

  4. I feel like William and Kate have extended the Olive Branch. What are Harry and Meghan doing to repair the relationship. It seems as if Harry is no longer about the royal family but more about his celebrity friends who seem to be getting more extensive with each passing day. Sounds like Meghan and Harry would be happier in the USA although the Amal and George Clooney, Elton John and the Beckhams live in England.

  5. HARRY MEGS duke DUCHESS NOT princess that's WHAT QUEEN gave them when they married .WILLIAM KATE prince princesss of Wales IF CHARLES becomes KING hope fully NEVER goes to WILLIAM megs only married I to royal she will not BE PRINCESSsixth too low down .princess ANNE BECAUSE SHE QUEENS DAUGHTER OR BEATRICE EUGENIE …LIKE KATE WEARS ROYAL JEWELLERY TIARAS MEGS NOT ..SIGN FEW BANANAS MEGS .

  6. Harry's to stubborn and meme is i. His ear wanting to be mose important. Still attempting to achieve celebrity she has never achieved on her own. I believe she stalkef Harry. Therir charities are a joke. How many women can she dress. Why didn't Harrt take tome to know her better. Harry made a big mistake.

  7. Prince Philip is probly in lust for her. Catherine is a real lady and never sends negstive comments. It's time Philip appreciated her and her kindness and discretion. So sick of this. And where is all this so called danger. It was far worst for Catherine for a much longer timeline. Meme is encouraging all this ,edia and playing the press and people like fools. When are you going to get it she herself claims "Im a star" ugh D list actress. And greedy to boot.

  8. Harry is a CROOK!!! His New Traveling Private Jets with Canadian Woman and SOHO CLUB Owner is criminal!!!! Queen should remove all of Harry's & Horrible MARKLE Titles and all Allowances and MI6 should do a deeper investigation on both Harry & Markle and their criminal activities and Businesses!!!!

  9. The rift started when the scab arrived… she doesn’t play by the rules. As far as that narcissist is concerned the rules don’t apply to her. Charles needs to open his eyes and see what a liar she is.

  10. Common get out off your gossips and rumor munger Ig and .allow these royal brothers and their wives live their lives peacefully .Get more educative and intellectually stimulating stories to your audience.

  11. Dont you know meghan and harry are most famous and the most talked about among the royal family and that cant sit well with William and Kate. I am an outsider looking on but i can definitely say and asked why be worried when one day he will be king and consort queen nobody can take that away from them. Relax and chill let these couple Harry and Meghan shine in their own unique way and somehow William and Kate will also benefit from this because their branding goes beyond the royal life. Let Harry and Meghan shine!

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