Morris Invest Released a video on Airbnb today. They give their pros and cons on running a short term rental property. But there is so much to unbox in their opinion driven video. If you’re considering Airbnb as a solution or tool to running a real estate leveraged income stream then start here as I walk you through the real logic to take on the topic. Then continue on this channel to learn much much more.

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  1. Hey Sean, no need to get all worked up about these guys ….they have already fled the I'm sure u r aware. I was a big believer of them when they first started out, but after a few emails the red flags were flying 4 me…just saying

  2. Fuckin love him man Are used to watch Mauruce and VA and I saw that video of couple months ago and it literally almost turned me away from Airbnb thank God I found your channel because I had that would’ve took an away so much profit and I would’ve wasted so much time thank you

  3. As soon as I saw the Morris video go up, I knew he had poked the bear. Even I knew (from watching your videos) how many things they did wrong with their "VRBO attempt". I hope he responds to your video, or, better yet, brings you on to his channel.

  4. ❤Love your truth & genuineness ! I subbed a month ago, I like all your vids but 1st time commenting. And it's long overdue! I'm superhost that was struggling to buy other properties. THANK YOU FOR :1. MY INTRO TO ARBITRAGE, 2. SHARING SUPERB KNOWLEDGE & INFO DELIVERED WITH DOWN TO EART AUTHENTICITY ❣

  5. Man, that was awesome haha. Well said. So true, I've got to talk through investors exactly like that unfortunately to get them to see the benefits and once they're on the same page, they see the money made and never look back. Awesome Sean 👊🏼

  6. I watch videos from both of you. I think it was odd that they did that video. Since it's not there specialty. Keep up the good info I will be starting very soon. I also get alot of good info from Morris invest and thought that the video they did wasn't like them. I feel both are good ways to invest.

  7. A triggered video is okay. A little caveman-ish. I agree with you and appreciate your opinion but hear me out… Doing an interview with Morris would take your response to the next level. You'd also attract more viewers from his channel. That would turn any opinion he has into your direct business (and viewer's) benefit. Lead by becoming HIS educator/advisor- that would be powerful! 🙌🏼 Less threatening/personal and more strategic responses are awesome!

  8. Of course Morris Invest shits on STR. They want to scare people away from that model and stick with the turnkey model they profit from. I did two turnkey properties (not from MI), and am ready to AirBnB a unit myself. This channel has been incredibly helpful and inspiring. So props to you Sean, you seem like a genuine dude, while Clayton comes off as way too rehearsed and fake. It’s all his television training I suppose. But hey, they seem like nice people.

  9. I like you Sean but I have to disagree with you strongly on airbnb paying for damages I'm a host in Germany with 18 listings atm and growing (one by one, not in bulks like you). I had major issues with airbnb not paying for damages and I had them all. There are also tons and tons of things that airbnb won't cover based on their terms of use (guests illegaly download movies or water damage or mold, had both already with costs between 1800 euros and 3500 euros). With damage on the furniture I never had big stealing (they steal small things like irons etc…,those I don't even report) but damages on beds, sofas cooking fields. My experience is this :if the guest says that damage was there before you have no chance of being reimbursed. For guests staying more than 4 weeks I therefore take an additional cash deposit. I'm not sure if airbnb "allows" that but frankly I don't care

  10. Dam dawg you F@ckin murdered it! Very well articulated and argued you just keep elevating your content game fa real fa real. If your ever in Cali central valley let me buy you a coffee or a drink. Your abundance mentality is a blessing to others please don't stop. Modesto California

  11. ive taken brians course and I have nothing against it, seans content is deff awesome, as for brian only making 300k, maybe you heard wrong, he made 300k his first year, he makes millions off of his properties but the course makes him millions as well, i deff agree that he’s a course seller, but either way, the clapback towards morris invest was needed, good stuff sean. I’ll also be looking out for your course.

  12. Question for you. Do you recommend having one business checking account showing all the deposits of the Airbnb properties you have or do you find it better to have a checking account for each property ? I would think having one will be more beneficial to show the banks that you are getting more cash flow and therefore scale a lot faster and get more properties ? Would love to know your opinion ..( I currently have 6 short term rentals)

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